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Disenfranchised Grieving: Why you can't judge grief by a title

I want to petition the internet, nay, the world, to stop defining, measuring, or comparing people's grief based on title…
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breakup grief

Grief After a Breakup: Three Things You Should Know

Breaking up is really hard to do. Most of us know what it's like to suffer a broken heart. Many of us…
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suicide grief and prevention resources every funeral director should know

7 Suicide Grief and Prevention Resources Every Funeral Director Should Know

As a funeral director, you can find yourself facing both sides of suicide: a family left to grieve the loss…
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ways funeral directors can help with disenfranchised grief

5 Ways Funeral Directors Can Help Families When A Death Is Disenfranchised

Disenfranchised grief is a term coined by one of our favorite grief researchers, Ken Doka, about twenty years ago. He…
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Please Stop Minimizing the Death of Older Adults

As I write this article, our country is preparing to shut down thanks to the virus-that-shall-not-be-named. Last week my phone…
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A Deep Dive Into Secondary Loss

The death of a loved one isn't just one single earth-shattering loss. In reality, it's a tremendous loss, followed by…
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grieving someone you hardly knew

Grieving Someone You Didn't Know (or Hardly Knew)

Loss takes many shapes. Sometimes loss takes the shape of someone we knew well. It's tangible and detailed and reflects…
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Self-Stigma in Grief: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Death, loss, and grief are experiences that impact almost every being on Earth at some point. These universal experiences touch everyone…
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We All Have A Grief Secret

I remember well the first time I ever saw Post Secret online. It was the year the site started, 2004.…
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