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Finding your Balance in the Sukkah

Today's guest author is Michal Baitz. Michal is the founder and facilitator of The Mending Word, a healing space for grieving and…
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grieving happy times

Grieving During Happy Times of Life

Life after loss is bittersweet. We've talked about it time and again. Suddenly happy moments make you acutely aware of…
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identity loss, grief and change

Change, Identity Loss, and Grief

Life is constantly changing, sometimes subtly and slowly, and sometimes on a seismic scale. As the world around us evolves,…
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The Grief Coaster: Understanding stress in grief

Stress is a given, whether it's experienced in response to major life events or minor everyday occurrences. When life is…
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When Grief Changes Our Priorities (aka should I join a commune?)

I have this very vivid memory of sitting in the lobby of my college dorm talking to my boyfriend at…
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Grief, Emotion, & Major Life Decision

Grief, Emotion, & Major Life Decisions

I should start out by saying this post is not about some disastrous decision I made while grieving, so don’t…
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