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A Beginner's Guide to Navigating Grief



The death of a close loved one can turn a person's "normal life" upsidedown. One can't go back to how things were before the loss; they can only go forward. However, most have no idea where forward will take them, while new, intense, and unpredictable emotions can make navigating grief seem impossible. 

Although there are no directions, checklists, or black-and-white answers to grief, a general understanding of what grief is, what it isn't, what's typical and expected, and what can help provides grieving people with a sense of normalcy, hope, and encouragement.

In this 18-page booklet, we outline the concepts we feel are most helpful for grievers to understand as they cope with their losses.  

Topics discussed in this booklet include:

  • General truths about grief 
  • Types of grief 
  • Secondary loss 
  • Grief theory 
  • Tips for coping with grief

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