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Remembering Ornament: A Holiday Grief Activity for Kids & Teens

A couple things you should know about the WYG gals before diving into today's post. 1) We are notoriously terrible at arts and crafts. 2) One of us loves kids, one of us does not. So, today we are talking about

A Thanksgiving Grief Activity for Kids (and grown-ups)

We have tons of ideas for remembering deceased loved ones at the holidays. We have suggestions for creating a practical plan for coping with the holidays. We have a post on making sense of holiday traditions after a death.  And today we

Grief Activity Books for Kids 3-9

There is no question that one of the most common concerns we hear from grieving parents is how to support grieving children and teens. We have posted in the past about some things to expect from kids grieving at different

Graffiti Wall: A Grief Activity for Kids

We love the Graffiti Wall grief activity for kids; it's easy, fun, and kind of cool. Using paper, markers, and a few other materials, you will create a 'graffiti wall' in your home where children and family can draw or write

Exploring the Mixed-Up Emotions of Grief: Art Activities for Kids

We humans often think we have to feel one way or another. Either we are happy or we are sad. We are brave or we are afraid. We are weak or we are strong. We are lonely or we are loved. You

Dear Drugs: A Message From Kids on Overdose Awareness Day

We probably don't need to tell you about the impact of the opioid epidemic, or the deep and painful impact of substance use and overdose deaths have on individuals, families, friends, and communities. But, as a brief reminder: An estimated

In Memory Robin Williams: How to Talk With Kids About Suicide

Photo: Bago Games via flikr Until earlier this week, I couldn’t imagine that a celebrity death could hit me as hard as the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman did earlier this year. And then Robin Williams died. When I heard (i.e., read

Supporting Kids Who Can't Remember Their Dads This Father's Day

It is no secret, I hate Father’s Day.  If you missed last year's Father's Day post in which I discussed the benefits of shamelessly sulking, check it out here.  This year I felt like maybe I should make up for last

The Evolving Emotions of Grief: an art journal activity for grievers

As you know if you spend any time hanging out around here, we are huge proponents of journaling as a means of identifying and exploring grief emotions.  But let's face it, sometimes you don't feel like writing.  Sometimes you have