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Lessons to Write On: A Guided Grief Journaling Intensive [Digital Download] - Shop

We've converted our popular online grief journaling course into a beautiful PDF digital download. Because we get it - the online course format is not for everyone. We're so excited that this downloadable PDF allows you the same in-depth lessons

30-Day Grief Journaling Course

5 Benefits of Grief Journaling

Journaling is one of WYG's favorite, go-to, grief coping methods for many reasons. First, it offers you a simple way to cope that requires only a pen and paper (or computer or tablet). Second, it doesn't require you to 'talk it

Grief Art Journaling for the Artistically Challenged

Those of you who follow WYG may have noticed a pretty glaring oversight during the month of June. Father’s Day came and went, and we didn’t do a single new article about it. We reposted old articles on social media, we had

Growth from Grief (and a Journaling Exercise)

There is a lot of pain in this world. This is a truth that’s impossible to ignore. It’s everywhere—in our collective history, in our current societies, and in our individual stories. Turn on the television, open a book, talk to

Six-Word Stories, Statements, and Exclamations: A Journaling Exercise

Legend has it that famous author Ernest Hemingway, out to lunch at the Algonquin, bet a table full of fellow writers he could write a short story in just 6 words. His companions had their doubts and wagered 10 dollars each to

Support System Superlatives: A Journaling Exercise

You've probably heard this phrase a few hundred times since your loved one's death... Let me know if there's anything I can do. Expert advice suggests that those wishing to support grieving individuals should not make such generalized offers because

When Grief Meets Anxiety

Episode Transcript Hey! Welcome back to another episode of the What's Your Grief Podcast. I'm Eleanor and as always I'm joined by Litsa. How are you Litsa? I am doing really well today. Beautiful weather and yeah just enjoy enjoying

To Me, From You: Writing Letters From Those We've Lost

In grief (and in life), if you can no longer talk to someone you love, people will often advise you to write them a letter. Write a letter with the things you wish you'd told them. Or maybe an apology,