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30-Day Grief Journaling Course

5 Benefits of Grief Journaling

Journaling is one of WYG’s favorite, go-to, grief coping methods for many reasons. First, it o

Grief Art Journaling for the Artistically Challenged

Those of you who follow WYG may have noticed a pretty glaring oversight during the month of June. 

Growth from Grief (and a Journaling Exercise)

There is a lot of pain in this world. This is a truth that’s impossible to ignore. It’s everywhe

Six-Word Stories, Statements, and Exclamations: A Journaling Exercise

Legend has it that famous author Ernest Hemingway, out to lunch at the Algonquin, bet a ta

Support System Superlatives: A Journaling Exercise

You’ve probably heard this phrase a few hundred times since your loved one’s death…

I Miss the Sound of Your Voice: Grieving Sensory Memory

I have a baby. She’s ten months old. She was a late-in-life baby, so her only siblings, both s

Grief Coping Alternatives for When You’re Stuck at Home

Being confined to the house isn’t all that bad, but I could do without being stuck inside my h

Taking Care of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus

Our thoughts go out to the many family members who have already lost loved ones to the coronavirus.