Lessons to Write On: A Guided Grief Journaling Intensive [Digital Download]



We've converted our popular online grief journaling course into a beautiful PDF digital download. Because we get it - the online course format is not for everyone. We're so excited that this downloadable PDF allows you the same in-depth lessons and prompts as the online course, but with the option to print and write with a good old-fashioned pen if you like.

Drawing from our professional expertise as mental health professionals coupled with our personal experience as grievers, we created the journaling intensive to help you get started on the path to journaling about grief in a way that feels both supportive and substantive.  

Lessons to Write On is far more than a traditional grief journal. Rooted in our knowledge that grief is a non-linear experience that is unique to each person, this 165-page guide is designed to gain greater insight into your own losses and to provide you with the support and direction you need to stick with a journaling practice.

What You'll Find in Lessons to Write On: A Guided Grief Journaling Intensive

+ 165 beautifully designed pages that you can print at home. 

+ comprehensive lessons to help you reflect on topics related to grief, coping, and connecting with your loved one.

+ journaling prompts that are designed around psychological perspectives, coping techniques, and themes common to the grief experience.

+ the flexibility to go at your own pace and to revisit lessons and prompts over time, as your grief shifts and evolves. 


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