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The Missing Link: Spirituality and Grief

Today we have a guest post on a topic we think is so important, from our grief-friend and subject-matter expert Kate J. Meyer, MDiv., LPC. Kate is an ordained minister and licensed professional counselor working with bereaved clients in a

Grief Recipe Stories: All Saints' Day Feast

This grief recipe story is brought to you by Mandy Berrell of Atlanta, GA. Mandy shares with us that she is a "wife and mama, educator, non-professional grief girl, and faith-filled sunshine finder." You can find Mandy on Instagram at @sunshineandbee.

I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore: Grief and Loss of Identity

Identity is a funny thing.  The way we think of ourselves, how we define ourselves, the story we tell ourselves about who we are, all of that comes together to create our identity.  And yet we don’t always have a

Photographing Symbols

Where You Used To Be by David Hommel Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling into at night. I miss you like hell.

32 (More) Books About Grief

A few weeks ago, we put together the first half of a book list about death and grief. Today, we're finally getting around to posting the second half. Some of these books we've read, while others are on our Want to

Grief and Faith: The Relationship Between Grief and Belief

I have had several people tell me recently that well-intentioned friends and pastors have thrown a little quip at them when they are grieving, aimed at helping them 'move on.' “Those who believe need not grieve.” Needless to say, they

Grief in 'Looking for Alaska': A Grief Book Book Review

The recipe for a good vacation for me is a big pile of books. Leaving for ten days of vacation, I packed seven books. My husband suggested this was a bit excessive. To his credit, I likely won’t make it through all

Meaningful Grieving After Pregnancy Loss

We want to welcome Hannah Mirmiran back to 'What's Your Grief' to continue our discussion about grieving after pregnancy loss. Hannah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works as a Psychotherapist at Omaha Integrative Care in Omaha, Nebraska. She

Grief Journals: Should Picking a Grief Journal Really Be This Complicated?

Journaling is a tried and true coping tool for exploring grief, as well as other complicated emotions.  Why does it work?  There are a number of benefits.  First, it helps us be more aware of our own emotions.  Writing something