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The Burials Along Memory Lane

I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the Jason Isbell song Elephant. It was late at night.…
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Demystifying Grief Counseling: Five FAQs

What is grief counseling? First, we want to clarify what we mean by 'grief counseling'. When we use the terms 'grief counseling', we're…
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When Grief Goes From Just Plain Miserable to Problematic

Addressing the question of what's "normal" or "expected" in grief is part and parcel of working in the field of grief and bereavement. Nevertheless,…
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breaking up with your therapist

How To Break Up With Your Therapist

We are big proponents of seeking professional grief support and know that it can be tremendously helpful when struggling after…
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Our health plan covers half the therapy sessions I need so plan on me being half-insane.

Therapeutic Approaches: You mean they're not all the same?

We're trying to demystify the therapeutic approach here at 'What's Your Grief'.  We've had one installment of our series on grief…
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Therapist Credentials: What do all those letters mean?

Sometimes I feel like I need a decoder ring to understand therapist credentials.  You too?  Seriously, who knew? Should you…
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what is grief counseling?

What is Grief Counseling: The Nuts and Bolts

“I think I could benefit from grief counseling”. Sounds easy enough, right? Over the past few weeks, months or years…
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