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by Kelly O's Forlorn, I stumbled on the Wilting Rose. That it should recognize me was not strange, It seemed, it…
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Parliament Hill Fields Poem: "On this bald hill the new year hones its edge. Faceless and pale as china the round sky goes on minding its business. Your absence is inconspicuous nobody can tell what I lack."

Sylvia Plath’s Parliament Hill Fields: A Poem About Miscarriage

Last night I got sucked into a Wikepedia black hole. It started harmlessly enough with a Sylvia Plath biopic and…
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found poem:I think of you and I'm haunted So often feel little and vulnerable I would change fate for one more embrace Another eternity

Beautiful Pain: Found Poems and Creative Healing

Show of hands, who's heard of 'found poems'?   Ahhh I see some of you aren't acquainted.  Here's a simple…
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