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Grief Years Later

Grief Years Later: 4 Challenges

Before discussing grief years later, we need to get on the same page about a few things first. Most importantly,…
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how long does grief last

How Long Does Grief Last? An age old question.

"How long does grief last?" is a logical, valid, and common question. Grief, especially early on, causes distress in many…
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Do We Recover From Grief

Do We Recover From Grief?

Episode Transcript Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of the What's Your Grief Podcast. This is Eleanor. And this…
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fall is my grief season

Fall is my Grief Season. How about you?

I’m operating under the influence of fall. It’s a subtle disorientation that knocks me off kilter just enough for things…
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Is The Second Year of Grief Harder?

If you're still in the first year after a loss, I imagine the title of this article alone might have…
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move on after death

Why do People Think we Move On After Death?

I always wanted an imaginary friend as a child, but my mind wouldn't stretch far enough. I envied kids who…
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grief never ends

Grief Never Ends, and That's Okay.

For a decade, I've been saying to any griever who would listen - "When someone you love dies, you grieve…
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Closure Isn’t a Thing in Grief and That’s Okay

Closure Isn't a Thing in Grief and That's Okay

Hello, grief friends, new friends, old friends, friends of friends, you know... all the friend categories. Today we have a…
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How to Cope When it Seems Like Everyone Wants to Forget

How to Cope When It Seems Like Everyone Wants to Forget

I recently read a quote from grief researcher and theorist Kenneth Doka: "All grief becomes disenfranchised over time." I actually…
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