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How I Moved From Surviving the Loss of My Child to Mindful Living

Today's guest author is Katja Faber. We were lucky to 'meet' Katja online through our grief photo challenges on Instagram.…
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actively grieving intentionally grieving rain storm

Being an Active Participant in Grief (aka Intentionally Grieving)

Grieving is a verb, like walking or talking or roaring or dancing or building. But when people talk about grieving,…
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8 Tips for Remaining Present at the Holidays

8 Tips for Remaining Present at the Holidays (While Grieving)

Ok, I'll confess: The reason why I'm writing about remaining present during the holiday season is personal. For the last…
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I'm a womp womp. He's a womp womp. Won't you join my band of womp womps?

Womp-Womp Call to Action: Be Grateful

I think I’ve been a bit of a womp-womp lately. Womp-Womp: A person acting needlessly bummed out or negative toward…
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grief, alcohol, and mindfulness

Grief, Mindfulness and Alcohol

We have some off the wall posts here at WYG, but with a title like this one you are probably…
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man giving thumbs up: "I'm fine... That's why I'm giving you two thumbs up!"

The Facade of "I'm Fine" and What to Do About It

Today's post is brought to you by none other than the one and only Nick Frye, LCPC.  Nick is a…
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grief and buddhism

Grief and Buddhism: Comfort in Impermanence

My dad died when I was in college.  It was shortly after that I took my first class in Eastern Philosophy. …
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grief and mindfulness

Grief and Mindfulness: Spending Time in the Present

I was worried that if I posted on mindfulness and grief you might get the impression I am a new-age,…
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