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Embracing the Strength of Weak Ties

While strong ties, like our relationships with close friends and family, are a critical part of emotional support, recent research…
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This Is What Social Isolation Looks Like

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  • Litsa Williams
It’s winter.  It’s cold.  It’s dark.  I’ve been socially isolating.  There, I said it. I’m guessing I might not be…
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Feelings of Fear and Vulnerability in Grief

We've written in the past about the 'grief lens' and how it can impact one's overall outlook on themselves, others,…
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Warning: Grief Side-Effects May Include Building Emotional Walls

"Grief is the price we pay for love".   ~ Queen Elizabeth Until you lose someone, you may not really “get” the…
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The Unique Loneliness of Grief

The intersection of grief and loneliness is complicated. Though loneliness, as a concept, is one I think many assume we…
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8 Reasons Why Winter Is the Worst (for Grievers)

What’s cold, icy, really uncomfortable, and sometimes makes you sad? Winter, that’s what. You can spare me your affinity for…
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Grief and Isolation

10 signs you've been spending too much time alone: 1.  Your laundry basket is filled with a soft pile of…
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