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assessing online grief support

Your Guide to Assessing Online Grief Support

The Internet can be an amazing source of information, inspiration, and community for people who are grieving.  One can turn to…
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Speak Your Pain

I've been having a hard time deciding what to write for today’s post. I’ve been a little tired lately. I’m a…
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grieving 20-something

What’s Your Question: How Do I Find Support as a Grieving 20-Something?

It is (finally) time for another installment of What's Your Question, thanks to a question from new WYG reader, Lauren.  Lauren…
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Internet Grief Support: With the good comes the bad

Internet Grief Support: With the Good Comes the Bad

We are obviously big proponents of online grief support. After all, that's what WYG is all about! Although the world…
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Support for Grieving Children: Grief Centers and the National Alliance for Grieving Children

Oh man, you should have seen us the other day, heavy bags slung over our shoulders dragging oversized and awkwardly…
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Grief Support Groups: Positives and Pitfalls

The suggestion to "check out a grief support group" seems to be indiscriminately offered to people after the death of a loved one.…
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grieving a military loss

Support for Grieving a Military Loss

This Memorial Day we take time to remember the thousands of families who have lost loved ones who were serving…
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warning: the side effects of exploring grief

The Side Effects of Exploring Grief

I’m pretty sure when a doctor prescribes medication to a patient, they’re supposed to discuss the potential side effects with…
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breaking up with your therapist

How To Break Up With Your Therapist

We are big proponents of seeking professional grief support and know that it can be tremendously helpful when struggling after…
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