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After a Death, the Holidays are a Secondary Loss

I wish I could say I remember the last Christmas my mother was alive. I should remember. I should have committed every moment to memory because we knew she was sick and that we probably wouldn't get another holiday season.

A Practical Guide For Grieving During The Holidays - Shop

There's nothing anyone can say to take away the pain of a person's grief, especially at the holidays. So we don't have magic words or concrete solutions to get grieving people through the holidays season--no one does--because the bottom line

8 Tips for Remaining Present at the Holidays (While Grieving)

Ok, I'll confess: The reason why I'm writing about remaining present during the holiday season is personal. For the last few years, I've found myself caught in the following cycle: Those of you reading this post feel all sorts of

7 Ways to Go Easy on Yourself While Grieving at the Holidays

1. Remember, the Holidays Don't Have to Be Perfect. Disavow yourself of the notion that perfection will protect you from experiencing grief and sadness this holiday season. Spoiler: It won't. No matter how tender you cook your brisket or how

Just Hold On... When Grieving at the Holidays

We want to take a minute (really, this will only take a minute!) to remind you to hold on. Hold on... When you find yourself crying into the cookie dough or casserole or whatever sentimental recipe you're making. Hold on...

A Griever's Pocket Guide To Spending The Holidays Alone

The other day I did a Google search looking for articles about spending the holidays alone. What I found was a number of articles written by people spending the holidays alone by choice and loving it.   Now, there is absolutely

6 Things to Consider Before You Skip the Holidays

So, you are thinking about skipping the holidays altogether. Let me assure you: You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last.   When you're struggling with grief, the prospect of dealing with holidays can feel impossible: the

Holidays and Hardship: Will the Kids Be Alright?

My pretty little girls living in your snow globe-sized world, what wouldn't I give to keep you wrapped in a blanket of safety and comfort forever? While you lay in your bed and worry about the monsters in your closet,

New Perspective on Old Traditions: Grief and the Holidays

Friends, the time has come. Gather up your emotional armor and summon all your strength, for it is the holiday season. We will not be defeated. Neither an unrelenting barrage of grief triggers nor the logistical quagmires presented by holiday