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The What's Your Grief Book: Lists to Help You Through Any Loss



What’s Your Grief? Lists to Help You Through Any Loss is a book for people experiencing any type of loss at any time, whether it has been 3 months or 3 decades. It isn't easy to pick a good grief book, we know. Part of what sets this book apart is that we took the feedback we received from tens of thousands of grievers and grief professionals for more than ten years and we've distilled down some of the most helpful building blocks for rebuilding life after loss. If you’re a regular reader of What’s Your Grief, the decision to approach grief and loss through bite-sized lists should be no surprise. Although grief is immensely complicated, our philosophy has always been that the best way to cope is often one step at a time. And when we say “list,” we mean all sorts of informative, nuanced, and creative approaches like interactive lists, bucket lists, not-to-do lists, and more.


What are some of our favorites lists from the What's Your Grief book?

8 Feelings That Can Make Grief Ugly, Mean, or Messy
6 Causes of Grief-Related Anxiety
4 Tips for Finding Calm in Your Grief Storm
16 Questions to Help You Understand Your Grief Story
4 Reasons to Love the Concept of Continuing Bonds
39 Signs You're Making Progress

This book was written for grievers, but we've been thrilled to learn how many therapists, counselors, chaplains, and grief group facilitators have been putting it to use already in their practices. The What's Your Grief book offers great fodder for group and individual reflection and group discussion. The make-your-own lists and are great tools to guide group activities for adults and teens.  

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