Spanish: Coping After the Death of your Parent - 50 Pack



This brochure is packaged for organizational use, and only sold in packs of 50. Total price per pack is $27.50 before any bulk discount is applied.

*This is a Spanish language brochure. It has been translated to Spanish from the original English version by a grief professional who is a native Spanish speaker*


A pamphlet obviously can't fully describe the complicated and overwhelming experience of grieving a parent's death. Many thoughts, emotions, and experiences are considered "normal" in the days, weeks, months, and years after the death of a loved one.

In our grief brochures, we don't attempt the impossible. We don't try to fix or prescribe. Instead, our goal is to normalize a wide range of grief experiences and provide the reader with a starting point for coping with their unique grief. 

Topics discussed in this brochure include:

  • experiences specific to grieving the death of a parent
  • suggestions for coping with grief
  • next steps for accessing support and resources

This product is sold in packs of 50. 

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Afrontando el duelo después de la muerte de un padre - 50 folletos por paquete

Un folleto obviamente no puede describir completamente la complicada y abrumadora experiencia de afrontar el duelo tras la pérdida de un padre. Muchos pensamientos, emociones y experiencias se consideran “normales” en los días, semanas, meses y años posteriores a la muerte de un ser querido.

En nuestros folletos de duelo, no intentamos lo imposible. No tratamos de arreglar o prescribir. En cambio, nuestro objetivo es normalizar una amplia gama de experiencias en el duelo y brindarle al lector un punto de partida para sobrellevar su duelo único.

Los temas discutidos en este folleto incluyen:

  • experiencias específicas al duelo por la pérdida de un padre
  • sugerencias para afrontar el duelo
  • pasos para acceder a apoyo y recursos

Este producto se vende en paquetes de 50.

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