This course was developed to provide an introduction to grief intended for individuals who are working in a capacity to help grievers. This may include therapists, social workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, coaches, volunteers, and anyone else who would like to learn more about grief.

General concepts covered in this course will include:

    • Basic truths about grief
    • The myth of the grief timeline
    • Types of grief
    • Secondary loss
    • Grief theory overview
    • Coping
    • The role of support systems in grief
    • Locating resources in your community and online

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1) Identify different types of loss and grief and the impact they may have on an individual or family.
2) Differentiate and apply types of grief theory, include ‘stage’ and ‘grief work’ models, as well as non-grief work models.
3) Explain and leverage the role of support systems and community resources on individual grief.

Course Curriculum

Section One
Grief 101: Start Here 00:00:00
Grief 101: The Navigating Grief Classroom 00:00:00
Grief 101: Goals and Objectives 00:00:00
Grief 101: Truth Number One 00:00:00
Grief 101: Truth Number Two 00:00:00
Grief 101: Truth Number Three 00:00:00
Grief 101: Truth Number Four 00:00:00
Grief 101: Truth Number Five 00:00:00
Grief 101: Truth Number Six 00:00:00
Grief 101: The Myth of the Linear Grief Timeline 00:00:00
Section Two
An Introduction To Section Two 00:00:00
Grief 101: Secondary Loss 00:00:00
Grief 101: Types of Grief 00:00:00
Grief 101: Grief Theory 00:00:00
Section Three
An Introduction to Section Three 00:00:00
Grief 101: Support Systems in Grief 00:00:00
Grief 101: Family and Support System Grief 00:00:00
Grief 101: Locating Community Resources 00:00:00
Section Four
An Introduction to Section Four 00:00:00
Grief 101: Conceptualizing Progress in Grief 00:00:00
Grief 101: A Brief Overview of Coping 00:00:00
Grief 101: Determining Direction 00:00:00
Grief 101: Stuck Points 00:00:00
Grief 101: Well-Being Coping 00:00:00
Grief 101: Well-Being Coping In Action 00:00:00
Grief 101: The Emotions of Grief 00:00:00
Grief 101: Addressing Avoidance 00:00:00
Grief 101: Remembering and Memorializing 00:00:00
Grief 101: The End Of Our Journey 00:00:00

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