Fear of the Unknown

She watches the smaller children playing on the beach. Running, delighted, back and forth, up and d

Grieving the Death of a Sibling

The other day I asked our Facebook community to suggest resources for people who’ve experience


by Jan Owen Questions…ever since my husband died I’ve had so many questions. Maybe they

Papa #WouldHaveLovedThis

by Jackie I’m the oldest grandchild. My children are the oldest AND the youngest great-grand

Sentimentality & Holding Onto Items

This is my doll collection. For those of you who don’t know me, I am not meant to have a doll

Incorporating Photographs into Art

Today we welcome our grief friend Kelly Frasier to PhotoGrief.  Kelly has been sharing photos with


by Kelly O’s   Forlorn, I stumbled on the Wilting Rose. That it should recognize me was

And Many More: Celebrating a Deceased Loved One’s Birthday

My family goes a bit overboard with the Happy Birthday song.  For starters, there are a lot of us s

The Best Hugs

by Corey Bill was/is my Father in law.  Bill and I had/have a great relationship.  A bond that I w