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Grief Community
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The WYG Grief Community aims to bring grieving people together to support each other in their grief and help them navigate their day-to-day lives in the wake of loss.

Good communities meet many needs; they laugh together and feel sorrow together. They talk about serious issues, and they gossip about the trivial. They take turns leaning on one another and lifting each other up--and we want this community to be no different.

Though this space is new and will take on new shapes as it grows, we ultimately hope it will become a dynamic place where new and old grief friends can come to learn, share, support, connect, and sometimes even take a break from their grief.

Who's welcome?

All grievers are welcome--regardless of the circumstances surrounding their loss. It does not matter who or what you're grieving or how long ago your loss was.

Is there a membership fee?

The membership fee is $12 per month or $100 if paid annually. If you are unable to afford membership, reach out to us to discuss available assistance.

How do I join?

The community will be open for registration soon. At first, we will take a phased approach to membership. This means that, based on this wait list, we'll invite groups of 20-50 people to join at a time on a first-come-first-serve basis. Why? Because we want to ensure we have the manpower and resources needed to handle the hiccups of creating a new community, while also addressing the needs of new members as we get up and running.

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