Weekend Edition: February 10, 2013

This week the posts we stumbled on and loved took on an unexpected theme — the experience of men and grief.  Hope you enjoy as much as we did . . .

1. Hello Grief posts the experience of Erik, a father who lost his baby Doria at 38 weeks.  He also has a personal blog of his experience that you can check out here.

2.  On his Missing Aimee blog this week, Pat talks about his inclination to start dating very early after the loss of his wife, the outcome of his efforts, and why there may be differences in when men and women begin seeking companionship after a loss.

3. Great article this week in the Columbia Spectator about a Columbia College Senior who launched a chapter of AMF after losing his dad.

4. Post on the new grief blog Life As A Widower called “odd numbers” on the experience of being an “odd number” instead of a couple.  Great new blog on the widower perspective on grief that has seen huge success in just over a month since launching.  Clearly people want to hear what men have to say — and we agree!

5.  Diary of a Widower, another widower blog we love, featured a post in line with our discussion of dealing with belongings last week.  Tim shares his experience with giving away his wife’s cell phone number.

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