Weekend Edition: June 2, 2013

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You know what Sunday means — WYGs links to grief stuff we love around the web.  This week highlighting posts and resources around miscarriage and stillbirth.

Empty Frames

We talk so much about to role of photography in our lives and in our grief here, so Eleanor and I were both moved by an article this week from Still Standing Magazine called Empty Frames.  A father talks about the struggle he and his wife had photographing and viewing their baby when she was stillborn.  An honest and touching post . . .

Return to Zero

As you may or may not have heard, Return to Zero exceeded its Kickstarted goal.  It will be the first film to really tackle the issue of stillbirth as its central theme.  It stars Minnie Driver and the follow is the description from their Kickstarter page:

Based on a true story, RETURN TO ZERO tells the story of a couple who, just weeks before the delivery of their son, are devastated to learn that he has died in the womb and will be stillborn.

Grief and trauma nearly destroys their marriage, until they learn they are again pregnant, and must navigate their way through a terrifying and turbulent pregnancy with the help of an empathetic doctor.  With warmth, humor, and exploration of the human spirit RETURN TO ZERO casts a light on an all-too-often overlooked subject

Check out a video about the film:

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

Coming from a family deeply  touched by stillbirth, I am so grateful to see the incredible efforts and strides in recent years to bring infant loss, miscarriage and stillbirth into the grief conversation.  Faces of Loss is an incredible site where anyone can go to share their story, demonstrating that they are not ashamed and that they are committed giving a voice to these devistating losses.   These are incredible stories from incredible women, many of whom felt alone until finding so many others like them online.  There are so many stories it feels impossible to highlight just one, but in the spirit of remembering that losses stay with us for ever, I would recommend Linda’s story of losing her son in 1982.  Then stick around, read the many other stories, and share your own.

Getting Through My Due Date After a 2nd Trimester Miscarriagedue date after a miscarriage

Though this post a babble a couple days ago is short, it is honest an honest look at facing the a due date after a miscarriage.

Etsy and Loss

A friend of mine recently lost a baby and it prompted me to go to etsy to see what was there for stillbirth, miscarriage, and infant loss.  I shouldn’t be surprised thatI was overwhelmed to see the amazing, beautiful, and creative memorials on etsy for these losses.  From jewelry (tons of jewelry!) to cards, prints, ornaments, journals, memorial announcements, and so much more.   So go on over to check it out.  At as with any visit to etsy, be warned you could get lost for hours clicking through all the amazing handmade items there – consider yourself warned.

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