Weekend Edition: May 5, 2013

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Time for our weekly wrap up of interesting, thoughtful, creative, unique, unusual, insightful or otherwise thought-provoking stuff from around the web this week.  Welcome to WYG’s Weekend Edition — Happy Sunday!

Six Months

Great post on Life as a Widower about his experience with his blog and being six months out from the loss of his wife.  An honest post about his feelings, as well as his experience being criticized for his grief and his blog.

Survivor Showcase

There was a lot of press this week on the rise in suicide rates in the US.  Specifically the statistic that more people now die by suicide in the US annually than in car accidents was all over the web.  As such, it seemed an appropriate week to highlight the ‘Survivor Showcase’ on the Grief After Suicide blog, that shares the experience of individuals coping with a suicide death.

Julian Barnes and the work of grief

I haven’t read the Levels of Life by Julian Barnes, but this review by Joyce Carol Oates has put it on my booklist and wanting to share.  I initially thought I would read it and post my own review, but how do you compete with a review written by Joyce Carol Oates?!  So instead I will just read it and share her great review.

I Still Need My Mom

Great post on Huffington Post about needing and wanting your mom, even when you didn’t get along, resented her, and when you are a “grown up” who shouldn’t need mothering.

A Kiss Before You Go

This book by Danny Gregory isn’t new (released November 2012), but I just bought it and am minorly obsessed with it.  It is a combination of so many things we love here at WYG: art, creative expression, and journaling to explore life and loss.  You can look at it 1000 times and always find something new.  A strong recommend for some creative journaling inspiration!  Video about the book below, but click the title to go to amazon.

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