Weekend Edition: March 24, 2013

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weekend edition sunday 3

It’s Sunday! Time for our Weekend Edition, where we share some highlights from around the web on grief, loss, or anything else we found especially interesting.

Grief and Memory Loss

On Counsel and Heal this week they featured a recent study demonstrating a connection between grief, memory loss, and a diminished ability to imagine the future without loved ones who have died.  Though there has been much awareness and discussion about grief and memory, this offers interesting insight into difficulties remembering events that did not involve the loved one who has died, as well as implications for imagining and planning for the future.  Check out the article on counselheal.com

Review of ‘The Way’

My mom, sister, and I saw the movie ‘The Way’ when it first came out a couple years ago, but I hadn’t thought about it in a while until Marty on griefhealing.com linked to a review of the film done by The Family Plot Blog.  It was a good movie dealing with a man’s loss of his only son. The Family Plot Blog has a nice review on their site.

 The Workout Playlist

You may be asking what a workout playlist post has to do with grief.  Well, in case you missed the memo, exercise helps with our overall wellbeing in all sorts of ways – physical and emotional.  Though we will be the first to admit that we struggle to get our butts off the couch, we have talked here about exercise as important for self-care, and we have also talked about how we use music and playlists to help with mood.  Scientific American posted this week about the psychology of a good workout playlist.   If you are looking to get yourself moving, music is a great tool and this article will make sure you put the best picks on your ipod.

Grief and Photography: in case we haven’t convinced you how healing photography can be.

Photo by Beryl Ayn Young
Photo by Beryl Ayn Young

You know here at WYG we are huge proponents of using photography as a tool for exploring grief.  You can check out some of our posts about how we have used photography to explore grief here, if you missed them.  A few weeks back Beryl Ayn Young posted her Gentle Reminder: How My Tragic Loss Helped Me Re-focus on Living and Thriving Again on Huffington Post.  It is a great article on pregnancy loss, the role of photography in her healing, and ultimately the development of her company, Momtographie.

Dax Shepard on His Dad’s Illness and Death

dax shepardThis should have made it on our celebrities Speaking Up About Grief series this past Friday, but I didn’t see this post until it was too late, so here in our Weekend Edition it is.  Dax Shepard has a total of four posts on his Tumblr blog.  His first post says only, “I am tremendously excited to do this. Breaking free from the shackles of twitter’s 140 characters. I plan to meander with great impunity. I will expound on things that deserve little or no attention. This will prove to be my most wasteful endeavor.”  Don’t let him fool you.  His fourth and most recent post is a thoughtful and deeply personal post about his dad, who died in December after a battle with cancer.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll hope that Dax keeps up with this new blog.  So here it is.

Did we miss something great you saw this week?  Leave us a comment!

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