Weekend Edition: March 17, 2013

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It is Sunday – time for our weekly review of cool, interesting, or useful grief stuff found around the web that you may have missed.

luci zoe photostory 2How It Happens: a story in photgraphs on Backspac.es

You know here at what your grief we are huge proponents of using photography to explore grief and loss. You can check out some of our grief and photography posts here.  Backpac.es is a really cool storytelling app/website where you can create photostories.  Check out this one by @lucizoe exploring the loss of her parents and partner.  I am putting this app on my list of things to start using.

On Carrying Grief (And Carrying Each Other) on RunningNekkid.com

Thanks to Marty Tousley on Grief Healing for bringing this incredible post to our attention.  This post in an honest and personal look at the challenges of grieving the loss of a child, and supporting each other through.  We hear it time and time again – we all grieve differently, we all grieve in our own way, we all grieve in our own time.  Celeste’s perspective is one that may help any couple trying to grieve in their own way and their own time, together.

Graffiti Artists Takeover Old Street for CALMcalm

You may also know, if you follow us on twitter (if you don’t, you should: @whatsyourgrief) that we are really interested in graffiti, murals, and public art that explores grief and loss.  After a death, many of us find comfort volunteering or contributing to awareness raising campaigns around the type of loss we have suffered — Alzheimer’s walks, Race for the Cure, breaking the silence around overdose deaths, etc.   Well this one is especially cool, for those of us who love street art:  in London a group of graffiti artists will be raising awareness about suicide for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), an incredibly cool organization with a mission to prevent male suicide in the UK.    We continue to envy the amazing organizations across the pond raising awareness about death, grief, suicide, and hospice, in creative and innovative ways!

London Tube Resorting old ‘Mind the Gap’ Recording so Widow Can Hear Her Husband’s Voice Again.

“A widow’s wish to hear her late husband’s voice again has prompted London’s subway system to restore a 40-year-old recording of the subway’s famous “mind the gap” announcement.” If you ever thought a huge government agency could never find time or sympathy for a widow, make sure you don’t miss this sweet news story.

Psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison On Losing Her Husband to Cancer

Short clip from PBS’s This Emotional Life –The Price of Being Human

Watch The Price of Being Human on PBS. See more from This Emotional Life.

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