Weekend Edition: March 10, 2013

General / General : Eleanor Haley

It’s time for another ‘Weekend Edition’. This week we have links that will make you smile and links that will make you cry. Something for everyone.

1. A Life Alone by Maisie Crow brought to you via flakphoto.com. This poignant video is about Tom Rose, a gentleman who lost his wife after 63 years of marriage. The imagery is beautiful and the emotion is raw and real. Take a few minutes to watch below.

2. Your Death Is Your Headline by Anushka Fernandopulle “In Dharma practice it is recommended that we spend time everyday reflecting on death…to help us live our lives in a thoughtful way, and to help us realize the truth of the body.” This is not for the faint of heart (or mind), I guess that’s the point.

3. Grief Relief: Looking for Laughter in Loss. Laughter can be hard to find during our worst moments. Fortunately laughter often finds us when we are open to it.

4. Grief and Kids: Healing Through Humor If humor is your best tool, why shouldn’t you use it to cope with grief? One women discusses how she and her son, who come from a long line of ‘cut-ups’, use their humor to heal.

5. Airline holds flight to help man reach dying mother’s bedside. A story that reminds us of the kindness of strangers during times of grief and loss.

Let’s be grief friends.

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