Weekend Edition: June 23rd

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Welcome to the ‘Weekend Edition’, I’m so glad your here.  Read on as I distill all the interesting and vaguely grief related content we saw throughout the past week.

1.  Motherhood With a Camera’s ‘The Chorus: The Weight’:    Regular readers of ‘What’s Your Grief’ know we think art, specifically photography and writing, are powerful tools for dealing with emotion and pain.  Photographer Amy Grace’s project ‘The Chorus’ is a moving and beautiful example of the capacity art has for communicating and conveying emotions.

Through this project Amy brings talented female photographers together to contribute writing and photography on a singular theme.  The interpretation of the theme is up to the artist so the results are dynamic and diverse.  I’ve been following this project since it’s inception and have seen the depth of these posts dig deeper and deeper into the joy, pain, and realities of being a mother, artist, and human being.  This week’s installment was particularly moving and many of the artists chose to explore feelings of grief and loss in their piece.  If you have 10 minutes to spend on the internet today, I highly recommend spending them on her blog.  Seriously…what are you still doing here??

Amy Grace, A Beautiful Life Photo
Photo Credit: Amy Grace, A Beautiful Life Photo

2.  The controversy around Vice magazines fashion spread “Last Words”:  So, Vice magazine recently published a fashion spread featuring models posed as female writers who committed suicide at the moment of their deaths.  I’m linking to this blog, but it is just one of several versions of outcry caused by these photographs.  The author links to several other reaction pieces, all of which take different shades of offense.  Personally, I’m all for photographs tackling issues like death, dying, and grief when there is a poignant perspective or constructive message.  Sadly I can only file this under ‘exploitative’.

3.  Apple changes Siri’s response to potentially suicidal statements:  The article states, “Prior to this week if you had told Siri “I want to kill myself” or “I want to jump off a bridge,” the service would either search the web or worse search for the nearest bridge. Now, Apple has directed the assistant to immediately return the phone number of the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.”  Apparently Siri will offer to call the hotline and if after a short period of time there is no response, she will present the user with a list of local suicide prevention centers.  At best this intervention will help users in crisis find help, at worst it makes information about suicide prevention easily accessible.

4.  Disturbing Disney Deaths:  If you’ve seen Bambi, you understand Disney has no reservations about depicting death in their movies.  Although there are many instances of death in Disney films, the Bucket List puts together the 6 they find most disturbing.  Take a look in case you want to use them as a teachable moments or…you know…shield your children from Disney disturbia.

5.  A Few of the Best Tributes to James Gandolfini:  You guys, I get that celebrities are just people.  I understand their deaths aren’t necessarily any more worthy of tribute than Bob from down the street.  Yet still…it made me really really sad to hear James Gandolfini had died and I wanted to include this tribute.   I also kind of love this link to James Gandolfini talking to Zoe on Sesame Street about feeling scared.  

Alright, that’s all I’ve got!  Come back again next week (or sooner).  Better yet, subscribe to ‘What’s Your Grief’ to receive posts straight to your e-mail in-box.

Let’s be grief friends.

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