Weekend Edition: Father’s Day Grief

As much as I would like to ignore today, it’s Father’s Day and time for our Weekend Edition.  If you are thinking of sulking today don’t feel bad, that is what I will be doing too!

Since my Father’s Day sulking post wasn’t the most productive this week I figured I would highlight some Father’s Day grief stuff from around the web.

“Get Uncomfortable – Live in the Yellow”

Check out Lorena’s TED talk which talks a lot about the death of her father two years ago.

Tell My Sons

This is not about Father’s Day, per se, but is the story of a series of letters turned in to a book.  Written to his sons while dying of terminal cancer, Lt. Col. Weber shared words of inspiration with his sons in nine long letters.  I kind of wish I had picked this book up as my sulking-on-Father’s-Day read!

 Grief Healing’s Father’s Day List

Marty on Grief Healing has done it again, giving a great list of Father’s Day posts and resources around the web.  Check out her post that includes 16 posts worth reading this Father’s Day.  Thanks Marty!

Grieving the Loss of a Child on Father’s Day

Rev. Greg Laurie shares his experience grieving the loss of his son on father.  With an inspiring faith, he considers this difficulties of not knowing why sometimes we lose people before their time.

Reasons to Smile

Check out Eleanor’s Mother’s Day Weekend Edition post  because it is full of great things just to make you smile. For those of us grieving the loss of a father, or those father’s grieving a loss of a child, a reason to smile or laugh can go a long way on Father’s Day.  I couldn’t put together a better list than she did last month!

Thinking of everyone who is having a tough day this Father’s Day.  Please leave a comment to share a memory of the person you are remembering this Father’s Day!

April 12, 2017

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