Weekend Edition: August 4, 2013

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I now understand why podcasts so often use the exact same introduction every week. How many ways can you introduce a weekly round-up post of great grief articles? TBD I guess, but let’s just say I wouldn’t blame you if you thought these intros were getting just a little bit stale.

Before You Reach for Your Wallet, Check Your Emotions

As the APA conference folks are basking in the sun, they kindly posted this interesting post on the convention blog about the relationship between sadness and spending. Though short and sweet, it certainly has some interesting and relevant points for grievers. And they included a video, to boot!

Afterlife by Bruce Snider

Our friend Jody over at Press Send Poetry, I’m embarrassed to say, is really the only source of poetry in my life these days. Lucky for me (and now lucky for all of you) she drew my attention to this incredible poem by Bruce Snider. It is a powerful poem that considers the afterlife that exists here, in the objects left behind. A must read! Jump over to presssendpoetry.com to read it. And while your there, check out Jody’s amazing work.

Amy O’Connell reading ‘The Club” at Listen to Your Mother

On April 28th the 2013 Listen to Your Mother was held in DC. Sadly we missed it, but this past week we were grateful to see the videos shared on line. We were even more grateful to see Amy O’Connell get up and share her experience of being member of the tragic “club” of moms who have lost their children. Thanks to Amy for finding the courage not just to write this incredible essay, but to stand up and share it with so many who will undoubtedly relate to her experience.

drop dead

It feels impossible to introduce this link. This is the last post written on the Screw Bronze! blog by Elizabeth McClung before her death. I did not follow her blog and this was posted back in April, shortly before her death. I just discovered her site this week and was overwhelmed by the honest look she gives of her life through disability and ultimately terminal illness. Eleanor and I talk a lot about the whole concept of a ‘good death’ and what that means. As a woman who went from, “University lecturer to cared for shut-in”, Elizabeth gives a unique voice to the question of a good death. She explains in her bio, “I am not sure how much I time I have left, it seems more like months now, or sometime less, but I go on. I want to record what it is like, to write and think and continue to share how I see live, and how I live it”. I am so glad she did. Her last post is painful, beautiful, tragic, and honest in a way that brings up the pain of so many losses. Don’t read it if you’re already having a bad day, but make sure to make a note of it because it is worth a read. You can find her last post here.

On Twitter, Scott Simon’s Long Goodbye To His Mother

You probably caught this, because it got a fair amount of mainstream media and because I posted on Wednesday how it kind of weirded me out a little bit). But just in case you missed it, NPR personality Scott Simon drew attention to end of life by tweeting from his mom’s deathbed in the last days of her life this past week. Though certainly not the first to share updates at end-of-life on social media, Scott Simon opened up this conversation to his million+ twitter followers. Take a look at the article about this, or you can check him out directly on twitter. We love to know what we missed, so leave a comment with grief stuff you loved this week that we didn’t include. Love our updates? Get them right to your inbox, so you always know when we have a new post!

Let’s be grief friends.

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