Weekend Edition: August 18, 2013

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Time for our weekly wrap up of interesting grief stuff we saw, loved, and wanted to share.

Anders Nilsen: drawing through grief

I read this article in the Guardian about an artist Anders Nilsen publishing his book, Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow,  “a collection of sketches, letters, postcards and photographs documenting the graphic artist’s relationship with Cheryl Weaver, his girlfriend of six years, and of her death from cancer at the age of 37”.   You know we love art and creativity to explore grief, so of course I was intrigued by his story.  And you may or may not know that I have a book buying problem, so Amazon has gotten my money, yet again!   You can check out both of his books here

UNE academic to address international rural suicide conference

This is a short but interesting article about research being done to look at the bereavement of friends of adolescents following a suicide death.  The psychologist doing this work points out that most research grief among suicide survivors looks at parents and siblings.  He aims to expand the research and the conversation, and ultimately hopes this may have an impact on suicide prevention.

Connected, but Alone

A really interesting TED talk about the impact of technology on human relationships.  Though this may not seem immediately grief related, it really gets at something at the core of how we “relate to each other and relate to ourselves”.  She talks about us using technology to escape moments that are painful (including funerals, which is something she researches).  She talks abut the impact on all human relationships.  She talks about the concept of robot companions that provide comfort to the elderly and reflects on what it means that we would seek artificial companionship over real human relationships.

Plano woman a snapshot of grief, resiliency

So, sometimes I catch an article that I think about including in our weekly wrap up, but I decide not to because it is ‘just’ a nice grief story, and might not be especially interesting or useful to people.  These last two article almost met that fate, but I just couldn’t resist including them anyway.  Something about the power of the photo in this article and pain of losing a child, no matter what age, just seemed worth a link.

Memorial garden, built by community, helps mother heal

I am always a sucker for a good memorial.  This article is an inspiring article about a memorial years in the making by a town committed to remembering to young boys who died there.   Again, I just couldn’t resist including it this week!

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