Weekend Edition: August 11, 2013

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sunday morning coming down 2It’s Sunday – time for the weekly wrap up of grief articles we saw around the web this week.  As usual, we are sure we missed tons of amazing stuff, so leave a comment to share great stuff you saw that we missed.  And subscribe so you don’t miss our updates every week.  

Grief And Joy On Still Waters

Incredible reflection by Peter Aleshire on the death of his brother, remembrance, and regret.  Why does my local new outlet never run stories this powerful?  Incredibly honest post about the distance that comes between people and the regrets for not finding more time for those who mean so much.

The Trauma of Being Alive

I have had a lot of interesting conversations recently about learning things after a death.  I don’t mean the wisdom we gain through our grief, but rather that sometimes you just learn stuff — stuff about the person who died, stuff about other people that they share for the first time, etc.  I am not sure how to fully intro this NYT article by psychiatrist Mark Epstein, but it touches on this topic and so much more in his reflections on talking to his mother about life, loss, and grieving two husbands.

Creative Prompt: The Art of the Tree

Okay, we all know I am obsessed with public art, graffiti, roadside memorials, and the like (and if you didn’t know before, you know now, you can check out my post about grief and graffiti here).    So I loved the suggestion from Kara on motherhenna.com inspired “tree art” popping up for subtle public art to express grief (you know, for those who may not be ready to go illegally cover a wall with spray paint.

Troy Broussard: Master Of Top Marketing Strategies

Now, I am sure you are wondering what marketing has to do with grief.  This is actually a from a business podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, but there is an interesting discussion by Troy Broussard, the business owner being interviewed, about the impact of his sister’s death on his life, including his life in business.  Broussard explains that his sister died in a car accident when she was 18 and he was 10.   He explains that he has had, from that experience, a life view that life isn’t guaranteed.  It has influenced his focus on living in the moment and making the most of his life.  After losing everything (and he had a lot to lose!) when the real estate bubble burst, he cites this childhood experience as one of the reasons he was able to get himself back on track and rebuild his life in just a few years.  Though he mentions it several times throughout the podcast, at minute 12 you can hear him talk about it in reference to refocusing after this financial loss.

7 Ways to Help a Loved One Grieve

Okay, now I should preface by saying we are a little biased on this one, since we were interviewed for the article.  But Laura McMullen of US News wrote a concrete and helpful article for how to help a friend or family member who is grieving.  We were glad to be a part such a useful article on such an important topic!

Let’s be grief friends.

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