Weekend Edition: April 7, 2013

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Time for our Weekend Edition: our short list of articles on grief from around the web this week!

Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

There have been so many incredible articles, video memorials, and radio pieces this week honoring the loss of Roger Ebert that it felt impossible to decide on any one to highlight.  Luckily the Chicago Sun Times has put together a “remembrances of Roger” site, linking to dozens of tributes.  Aside from his role in our homes and hearts as a movie critic, Ebert showed inspiring strength through his illness.  It is worth getting lost in the incredible tributes to his memory.

The Battle We Didn’t Chooseangelo merendino

If you haven’t seen this circulating around the web, you should check out the incredible work of photographer Angelo Merendino documenting his wife’s battle with Stage IV breast cancer.  For those who have long argued that there was no honest face to this disease that kills so many, like it did Jennifer Merendino, Merendino’s photographs give us a painful and heart wrenching look into his world.  Not a pink ribbon, survivor-walk breast cancer world, but the everyday world of his wife’s disease.  He describes his work saying, “my photographs show this daily life. They humanize the face of cancer, on the face of my wife. They show the challenge, difficulty, fear, sadness and loneliness that we faced, that Jennifer faced, as she battled this disease. Most important of all, they show our Love.  These photographs do not define us, but they are us.”

My Grief Therapist Told Me She’s Pregnant – With Twins


In therapy following the loss of her twins, Diane Stone she shares the experience of learning that her therapist is pregnant with twins.

An honest post with admirable perspective.  Not sure what more I can add . . .




Dying – can it ever be a laughing matter?

So, this isn’t a post about grief.  But feeling inspired by Roger Ebert’s illness and committment to being photographed after his surgeries to give a face to his illness, and by Angelo Merendino’s efforts to give a face to his wife’s illness, it only made sense to include this post by Dr. Kate Granger on her blog about being a doctor with a terminal cancer diagnosis.  We at WYG we have been known to crack a joke now and again, so we love anyone else who is on Team Humor.  Not to mention our love for those across the pond and their committment to dying well.  While you are on her site, check out her previous post on the language of cancer in the media.

The Work of Mourning

Unexpected to find an article on grief on a financial website, but we are glad we did.  Interesting post on the experience of losing a parent, mourning, and feeling confused around the expectation of “moving on”.

What You Missed on WYG

mural 11

Finally, in case you get our posts by email, you may have missed our Monday post on photographing inspiration , as our automatic email didn’t go out (silly technology).  Make sure to go back and check it out.

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Let’s be grief friends.

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