Weekend Edition: April 28, 2013

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weekend edition sundayIt is that time again . . . WYG’s Weekend Edition – our weekly wrap up of grief stuff we found and loved around the web this week.   Enjoy!


When Humans Mourn: The Mozart Requiem And A Matter Of Scale

This post by Barbara King is a follow up on her post a few weeks ago on animals mourning.   Again focused on her area of research, the grief of animals, she looks at the contrast between human grief and animal grief.  We loved her post on when animals mourn, and this is a great follow up.

Grief is real when losing a loyal friend

Continuing on the theme of animals, we wanted to share this short but candid post on the experience of pet loss.  As so many know, this can be a devastating loss that is not always recognized by friends, family, and society.  Day by day, post by post, hopefully we can all get little more comfortable talking about the pain of losing a pet.

 Mourning Mother Turns to Crochet Therapy

You may have noticed here at WYG that we love a good story about someone using creative outlets in their grief.  Crocheting is not one that usually comes to mind, but this great story shows how it not only helped in the short term, but has grown into something inspiring in the long term.

When Grief Seems Insignificant by Comparison

A few weeks ago we posted about our concerns when it comes to comparing grief.  We were thrilled to see this same theme emerge this week on Marty Tousley’s grief healing blog.  She articulates so well the concern so many of us have felt — “These losses are neither better nor worse, harder or easier, one from another — rather, they are each different from one another”.  Great post!

Letting Love Win: Coping with Fear, Anger, Grief and Despair in the Wake of Tragedy

In the aftermath of the Boston tragedy we posted about how overwhelming the media coverage of these events can be, and some ideas for media detox.  I was so glad to stumble on this post by Lauren Jacobs on Huffington Post.  She shares some great, practical ideas for coping with complicated emotions during the wake of national tragedies.

I am sure we missed some great grief stuff this week — leave us a comment to share posts you enjoyed.

Let’s be grief friends.

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  1. Marty Tousley (@GriefHealing)  April 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm Reply

    Litsa, my dear, once again I must express my gratitude to you for including one of my blog posts in your list. Thank you so much ~ and most especially, thank you for sharing so much useful and helpful information (including your own blog posts!) with your readers. Terrific!

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