Weekend Edition: April 21, 2013

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It is Sunday at the end of  a very tough week for our country.  Our thoughts go out to all those touched by the Boston Marathon explosion.   Here are some articles we stumbled on this week that we thought were worth a share, some related to the events in Boston.  Take care and hug your families this weekend!

Amid National Grief, an Open Letter to the Philadelphia Phillies

I am not sure what to say about this, other than that I felt the need to share it.  Not because it is about the Boston bombings, but because it reminded me of an interesting moment that happens when we are grieving.   It speaks to the moment when, after believing we will never be able to think about something else, or find joy, or carry on after a loss, that we do.  Maybe it is just a distraction, maybe it is just for a moment, but it gives us a glimpse that somehow it will be possible to keep on living.

21 Tips to Keep Your Sh*t Together When You’re Depressed

Though we tweeted this and shared on our facebook last week, it seemed worth a share here too.  The title pretty much says it all.  Replace the word ‘depressed’ with ‘grieving’ and you’ve got a list a lot of us could benefit from.  Not to mention that we appreciate Rosalind’s reminder to all the “happy people” that for many people at the lowest times in life it isn’t as easy as saying, oh just “enjoy life” or “laugh more” or “do what you love”.  Both grief and depression can be much more complicated.

Talking to Kids about the Boston Bombings

Thanks to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network for putting together an array of resources for supporting children through traumatic events.  Check out their resources if you are struggle support a child.

Talking to Children about the Bombings

Parents’ Tips for Helping Preschool-Aged Children after Disasters

Parents’ Tips for Helping School-Aged Children after Disasters

Parent Guidelines for Helping Youth After the Bombings

When bricks fall on the most cynical of heads… when grief falls on the most cynicle of heads

On our Grief Makes You Crazy post last week someone left a comment that her “crazy” was seeing signs everywhere; believing she was getting messages from her loved one.  Right after I responded to her comment, assuring that so many can relate to what she described, I stumbed on this great post from last August by Kara on Motherhenna.com posted after the loss of her Goddaughter.   Seemed a timely post to share!

Everyday Magic: Why I Journal

You probably know we are big fans of creative journaling here at WYG.  We love Tammy (from Rowdy Kittens) post on her journaling approaches, accompanied by a great, short audio blog about her journaling.  Her audio blog is below, but make sure to go to her post to see the great images of her journal.

Did you see something great this week that you want to share?  Leave us a comment!

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