Happy Valentine’s Day Friday Favorites

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope everyone is staying warm. For anyone having a hard time today because they are missing someone special, I’d like to direct your attention to our posts from this past week: Grief and Valentine’s Day and Good Grief Scrapbooking for the Artistically Challenged. Hopefully something in there can help give you a boost to get through the day. I mean, if these Friday Favorites don’t do the trick. Alright here we go – grief related articles, Valentine’s Day related articles, and random randomness.

Olympians banned from wearing ‘grief symbols’ during the Sochi games

But…why???? Well, it looks like olympians were warned against wearing ‘symbols of mourning’ because it’s a “political statement”? Huh? The International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams explained “It is not about the rule, it is a question of what is appropriate” Double-huh? Whatever Sochi.

February 14th is National Donor Day via Taylor’s Gift

Oh you thought it was just Valentine’s Day? Pssh…shows what you know. Are you a donor? No? Well there’s no time like the present to register.

What celebrity death will make you cry? via The A.V. Club

Staff and readers at The A.V. Club discuss their answers to the question, “Is there any current artist or performer who you don’t know personally, but at whose death you would cry?” I’m actually pretty sure for me the answer is ‘No’ but it was interesting to read the different responses and rationales.

Before I Die: A Global Ethnography of Anonymous Aspirations in Chalk and Public Space via Brain Pickings

A blog post about Candy Chang’s ‘Before I Die’ public-space project. As ‘Brain Pickings’ is wont to do, they lay out the story of this project in a visually and contextually engaging way.

‘The Lego Movie’ Blooper Real

Yes, even toys mess up their lines once in a while. It’s funny and cute so deal with it.

How Google Made Its Valentine’s Day Doodle via Time

Litsa’s imaginary boyfriend Ira Glass teamed up with Google to make a ‘This American Life’ themed Valentine’s Day Doodle.

10 Psychology Studies Every Lover Should Know via PsyBlog

Couples look more similar after 25 years together = my favorite

150 Love Stories for Every Romantic Mood via Amazon

Ummmm yes…they do mean EVERY.

The 2014 KISS Exhibition via Lenscratch

Last but not least, Lenscratch presents you photography + kissing.

Will you be mine and subscribe? Happy Valentine’s Day!

April 12, 2017

2 responses on "Happy Valentine's Day Friday Favorites"

  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Eleanor,
    Really liked “The Lego Movie’ Blooper Real”, how funny! Lego has really come a long way. The Lego movie? I first thought how ridiculous. But after seeing it, what a great flick for kids and it’s pretty good for adults too. Lego continues to amaze me. Their latest release the LEGO Simpson’s House is really awesome if you haven’t seen it. Anyway, really enjoyed reading your post!

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