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grief recipe story - Max's Cupcakes

Grief Recipe Stories: Max’s Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

by Julia Haigh Lancaster, Pennsylvania My friend, Max, was amazing for so many reasons. His outgoing personality and the way…
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Grief and Food: 10 reasons why your Thanksgiving spread might make you cry

Grief doesn't always turn you into an unpredictable ball of emotion, but sometimes it does. Sometimes things like a song, a word,…
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grief and cake: two cats eating birthday cake

Grief and Baking a Cake

26 was a number I always liked as a kid. My sister and I were both born on the 26th.  …
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Recreating Family Recipes: An Epic Fail?

Most people who know me know I have never been a holiday person (I was one of those kids who…
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