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surviving tradition for the children's sake

5 Tips: Surviving Tradition for the Children’s Sake

After a family member dies, it's common for adults to feel they have to engage in holiday ritual and tradition…
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school after death

Going Back to School After a Death: 9 Tips

As you are going through the motions of planning carpools, packing new book bags, and laying out first-day of school…
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harry potter and grief

The 8 Horcruxes of Grief: The Harry Potter Grief Model

Disclaimer: The grief model outlined below is completely unsubstantiated. The opinions expressed by the author in no way reflect the…
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grief activity books for kids ages three to nine

Grief Activity Books for Kids 3-9

There is no question that one of the most common concerns we hear from grieving parents is how to support…
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graffiti wall a grief activity for kids

Graffiti Wall: A Grief Activity for Kids

We love the Graffiti Wall grief activity for kids; it's easy, fun, and kind of cool. Using paper, markers, and a…
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childhood grief bereavement

Childhood Grief: The Influence of Age On Understanding

I have a daughter who is three years old.  She sees the world in a delightful way.  Everything is pink…
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