We Remember in 2016: Reader Remembrance Gallery

Litsa and I thought about writing an obligatory New Years post.  Maybe ‘Top ten posts to motivate you in 2017‘ or ‘WYG’s most popular posts of 2016’ or something like that.  We thought about it, we brainstormed, but we didn’t feel inspired.  If you really really want New Years posts, we’ve written them in the past. Here are our favorite two:

It seems like everywhere we turn we see and hear people saying something to the effect of “2016 was the worst”. They say it because they’re exhausted by politics and disagreement and because headline after headline bears news of tragedy or terribleness.

We get it, we’re right there with them, but were also right here with you and we realize that, for many of you, 2016 was next-level hard. For you, 2016 was a year of death, grief, and heartbreak, and while the rest of their world grieves its collective losses, you’ve had to struggle quietly with your own personal catastrophe.

As you probably know, over the last few weeks a number of celebrities have died.  I hope that no one feels that I’m taking away from the significance of these recent losses by saying that it’s been hard for us to head to Facebook and Twitter to post tribute to these celebrities as we have done in the past.  Not because they aren’t worthy of tribute, but because WYG is a place where everyone is grieving someone worthy of tribute.  And lately, with the coming and going of the holidays, the grief of our readers has been palpable and raw.

All of your losses are significant and you all deserve the opportunity to honor your loved one, to have their legacy shared, and to express why 2016 has been difficult (or even some parts positive) for you. So here’s what we want to do to close out 2016, we want to provide you with a space to honor your loved one’s memory and to share their legacy.

We have created a Remembrance Gallery on our sister site PhotoGrief.  Anyone can submit to the Remembrance Gallery and anyone can read entries in the Remembrance Gallery.  For those who are interested in submitting to the gallery, a few additional details are provided below.

Here is a link to the gallery. Below is what it looks like.

The submission form can be found at the bottom of the gallery.  If you don’t have a photograph of your loved one, you may still submit an entry by uploading a photograph of something that symbolically represents them such as a flower, landscape, or special place.

Each entry will appear in the Remembrance Gallery as a thumbnail image.  If you click on your loved one’s image in the gallery it will take you to your loved one’s remembrance post.  This post can be shared with family and friends via email or social media. Please see an example below.


 Now, head over to the Remembrance Gallery to read and share.

April 12, 2017

5 responses on "We Remember in 2016: Reader Remembrance Gallery"

  1. Dwight died December 15, 2016 of CHF. My spirit died December 15, 2016. My husband took so much of me with him. I miss you D and I love you D. I am forever broken but that’s ok because my life with you was worth the fall. I love you.

  2. I lost my beloved husband on 7-18-2016.. The attack of diverticulitis was sudden, and resulting entrance of bacteria into his bloodstream turned into septic shock, and a swift death. No time to say good-bye once in ICU. No time to prepare for the most horrific pain in my life, looking back on that weekend with disbelief and hatred for taking away the most precious person in my entire lifetime.

    It was supposed to be just an ordinary Saturday, leading into Sunday, church, and our life we so cherished together. My soul mate, my funny Valentine, my sweet guy, who loved me with all his heart, always making me romantic cards on the computer, always thinking of how he could make things easier for me, anticipating more tender years together. Gone in the blink of an eye, in the final beat of his oh so loving heart. My own heart is roadkill, somehow still managing to beat, but constantly crying out for you – where are you my Beloved? I trust you are with our Lord Jesus, but from here and now – so very far away from me. 34 years are all I had with you,my Sweetheart, but they were so full of everything a married couple shared, some bad, but mostly good. True we never had children, but we shared our animals, and now they are helping me continue on, as you would have wanted me to. My life will never be the same, I will never be the same person, nor could I be. That person who was your wife died when you did, and now this empty shell waits until we are reunited, to be a full person again, as only a true soul mate can do. My only one true and eternal love, my “Thurston”, from your “Lovey”…. You were the best, my Love…my heart will never stop crying for you, until we are together again.

  3. In loving memory of my son, Brad who passed at the age of 22 from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. He was a senior at West Virginia University and on his way to a job interview.
    September 14, 2016 will always be the worst day of my life. I love and miss you my beautiful boy!

  4. In memory of my son Ricky sunrise 12-7-1990 sunset 1-30-2016 forever loved, forever missed

  5. I miss you, Mark… the pain and ache never recede…my only consolation is that you are free of pain, discomfort and suffering you endured for 4 years…wish you could be here to watch the children continue to grow into wonderful adults…i am sure you are witnessing this from above… but its not the same…
    sending so much love to you… missing you always… i will never be the same…
    but grateful i had the time with you..
    i love you with all my heart…

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