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What’s Your Grief’s E-Guide to Supporting a Griever



After a loved one dies, there’s nothing anyone can say to take away a griever’s pain. Despite the reality that there’s very little value in summing up the situation with a positive or inspiring platitude, supportive friends and family commonly focus on saying the right thing. When, in actuality, providing comfort through words isn’t nearly as helpful as giving support.

In this PDF eBook, we provide the reader with guidance for thoughtfully providing support to a grieving friend or family member. Throughout this book, we offer practical and concrete suggestions and cover many topics, including: 

  • The Grief Experience: What to Expect
  • Writing the Sympathy Card 
  • Specific Words and Phrases for a Flower Card Sympathy Card or Letter 
  • What to Send Instead of Flowers 
  • What to Say to Someone After a Death 
  • What Not to Say to Someone After a Death 
  • How to Be a Good Listener 
  • When Is Grief No Longer “Normal”? 
  • Helping a Griever Get Help 

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