Understanding Traumatic Loss and Post Traumatic Growth [Webinar Recording]


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When someone experiences a traumatic death, their challenges become two-fold.  One, they must cope with the trauma and two, they have to cope with their grief.  The experiences of trauma and grief are two different things unto themselves, yet after a traumatic death, they get thrown into one big emotional blender. Things get tangled, thoughts and emotions get fused, and people sometimes find themselves utterly stuck.  Understandably, it is not uncommon for people who’ve experienced a traumatic death to experience significantly more intense, pervasive, and prolonged symptoms.

In this webinar, we will discuss modern grief theory and modern trauma theory, differentiate between traumatic grief reactions in contrast to “normal” grief responses, review what is meant by post-traumatic growth (PTG) and grain a realistic understanding of what PTG means in the context of life after loss.

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This is a recording of a webinar that took place on September 26th, 2019.  You will receive instructions for accessing the recording in your order confirmation email.


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