Parenting While Grieving Activity Workbook: Unlimited Usage



The worksheets included in this workbook are those we use in our own Parenting While Grieving workshop. This 11-page workbook provides bereaved parents with a simple rationale for attending to their own grief and assists them in creating a strengths-based approach to coping. 

This workbook is ideal for use in support groups and one-on-one sessions. After completing this workbook, bereaved individuals will have a realistic and practical coping plan that promotes grief coping as well as self-care and well-being.  The purchase of this workbook is intended for grief providers, seeking multiple-use permission. If you are a parent seeking support, please check out our online courses at or email us at regarding accessing this guide for personal use. 

Topics in this workbook include:

  • An explanation of constructive coping and negative coping
  • Coping goals pie chart activity
  • Grief coping tools activity
  • Well-being related coping explanation and activity
  • Utilizing your support system activity
  • Concrete and practical coping plan agreement

After you purchase this workbook, we will provide you with a PDF download that you can print and/or photocopy an unlimited number of times. 


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