‘Comfort in Warm Memories’ Holiday Sympathy Card – 10 pack



The death of a loved one creates new questions about holiday card etiquette. Supportive family and friends aren’t sure what type of card to send or what to say. While grieving family members often struggle to decide whether to even bother with keeping the holiday card tradition going.


A small but significant problem when sending holiday cards after a death is that it’s hard to find the right card, which is why we created our holiday sympathy cards. Our cards acknowledge that the holidays are a bittersweet reminder of those who are no longer with us to celebrate. And though deceased loved ones are physically gone, they are always present in our hearts and minds. 


This holiday card is appropriate for grieving people and anyone supporting a grieving person(s). 


The outside reads: 

May the holiday season bring comfort in warm memories and strength in the love of family and friends.

The inside reads:

Wishing you comfort


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