Mom’s Thanksgiving Stuffing

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There’s nothing fancy about my Mom’s Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. It’s just like she was – everyone’s favorite, but nothing fancy. This recipe came from my Mom’s Mom. Grandmom’s food prep always consisted of “using up” whatever needed “eating up”, so there’s never been an official recipe.



2 big bags of ready-made breadcrumbs (use flavored if you like)

2 big yellow onions

Big bunch of celery


Stock (chicken or veggie)

6 eggs (you may not need all of them)


1. Chop up the celery and onion into tiny pieces.

2. Heat butter in big pain and add the celery and onions. Cook until soft.

3. Pour breadcrumbs into big pot. Once soft, pour the cooked celery and onions over the breadcrumbs, add liquid stock and eggs.

4. Squish everything together until it’s soft enough to stuff into the turkey

5. Cook bird with stuffing inside as normal.


Turn excess stuffing into stuffing balls. Cook stuffing balls in a pan for approximately 30 minutes or freeze them and enjoy later on for Thanksgiving any time of year!