Hang in there…

We want to take a minute (really, this will only take a minute) to remind you to hang in there.

Hang in there when you struggle through making their favorite, most special recipe.

Hang in there when you hear that song that reminds you of them and always makes you cry.

Hang in there when you have one of those moments when you think, “I wish they were here to share this moment so badly that it hurts.”

Hang in there when you feel like you may be one of the only sad people in the whole wide world (you’re not).

Hang in there during those quiet in-between moments when you feel their absence most acutely and/or their presence most profoundly.

Hang in there because you’re going to make it.

Hang in there because even though you’re sad, you’re also strong.

Hang in there because you’re not the only one.

Hang in there because there’s hope that next year will be better.

Hang in there because the holidays are almost over.

We want to wish you all a peaceful holiday filled with warm memories and love.  As you make room for friends, family, and faith, be sure to make room for your loved one’s memory as well. You may shed many tears, but remember that your grief is an expression of love and such an expression is never wrong.

April 12, 2017

17 responses on "Hang in there..."

  1. Your loved one wants you to try to smile. Write in a journal as that might help. When my mother passed away in 1992, I wrote to her in a journal. Sometimes telling her she was good to me and other times letting her know she could have been better. I wrote a song after she passed which helped me with the grief and Lord knows I cannot even recall how it goes now. Do random acts of kindness. Send a donation to a charity in honor of your loved one.

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  3. I just want to tell you that my thoughts and heart are with each one of you as we struggle to get through yet another major holiday. Funny how time just keeps moving. What others don’t realize is that time moves in a different way for us – same amount of hours – but how we get through it and what it means to us – is very very different.

    What I have found to be true is the poignancy of it all. I believe that we watch life slightly more detached because the reality is so different – and while we can find laughter and joy – our definition of what is happiness is far different from those who have been lucky enough not to follow in our footsteps.

    But more importantly, let New Years be a toast to our loved ones – our dear children who touched our lives in such profound ways – and that alone is the celebration we should have. They have shaped our lives in ways we could never imagine. And for that I am grateful.

    So I send you my love and my best wishes for peace during this incredibly crazy time of year.

    And thank you for being a part of the shared journey.

  4. All these celebrity deaths are bringing out the “2016 sucks” tagline. If it was any other year I’d get it. I lost my boyfriend 13 days into 2016. I get upset when I see all these people posting about how 2016 sucks because they lost someone they didn’t know. I find myself getting angry and thinking “If only!”. If 2016 sucks for them it’s a rip your heart out, stomp on it, endless days of sadness and despair 2016 for me. They don’t even understand how monumentally bad 2016 sucks for those of us who lost someone we were so very close to this year. It’s not a good way to end a year but there it is. My holiday rant. I don’t mean to be bitter but I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels this way. Just needed to put it out there. 🙂

  5. Not finding any Merry or Happy in this season. Not wanting to make others sad so keeping it to myself.

  6. “We want to wish you all a peaceful holiday…” It’s not just “holiday”. It’s Christmas! 🙁

  7. I am trying to hang in there. I think I am doing everything right. You join many who tell me I am strong. I don’t feel strong right now. I usually try to identify as a Widow Warrior fighting onward, but for the last week or two I’ve felt more like a Weary, Weak Widow so tired of being sad.

    • Profile photo of Litsa Williams

      Ah Terri, strong is just making it through the day! It is okay to not be okay sometimes and the holidays are often one of those times that weak and weary inches in. Sometimes it isn’t about fighting, it is about surviving. We know how much strength it takes to put one foot in front of the other and make it through the holiday season. Sending all our good thoughts your way to survive these tough weeks, one moment at a time.

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  9. It’s hard to even remember it’s Christmas. All I know is tomorrow it will be a month ago that the love of my life left me. I don’t know if I am handling this well, whatever that is…

  10. Thank you… my first Christmas with Jeff and each and everything I do reminds me that he isn’t here…. trying to hang in there… trying…………..

  11. Yup, it’s almost over. And hugs really help too. Making plans with the girl squad for a dinner or two out on the town. Thinking positive thoughts for 2017, strength, faith and resilience.

  12. THANK YOU for these reminders .. especially the first few!!

    • Thank you for these reminders. I’m so sad tonight missing my husband so much after 2 years and remembering past Christmas

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