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Standard Grief Training and Workshop Sessions:

Topics for our standard training and workshop sessions are listed below. The benefit of choosing a standard session is that the legwork is already done so we can offer them at lower rates. Although the framework for these sessions is pre-determined, please rest assured that we always take the particular needs of your audience into consideration when finalizing presentation plans.

If you would like more information about a particular session, please send us a message through the ‘Contact Us’ tab or email [email protected]

Standard Topics:

  • Grief 101: A framework for navigating grief and grief coping
  • Continuing Bonds and the Role of Ritual in Grief
  • Navigating the Online Grief Support Continuum
  • Grieving a Substance-Related Death
  • Ambiguous Grief and the Grief of Addiction
  • Exploring Grief Through Photography
  • Creating a Digital Hopebox
  • A Balanced Approach to Grief Coping, Self-Care, and Well-Being
  • Growing Your Reach Online: Social media and online tools for grief professionals
  • Reframing End-of-Life Care in the Hospital Setting
  • Parenting While Grieving/Working with Parents who are Grieving
  • Substance Use as Negative Grief Coping
  • Providing Good Grief Support
  • Grievers Supporting Grievers: A workshop for helping professionals and volunteers
  • Spring Cleaning: Sorting through a loved one’s belongings
  • Supporting Grieving Children
  • Understanding the Grief of Traumatic Loss
  • Good Grief Support: An introduction to providing quality, compassionate, evidence-informed grief support
  • Best practices for communicating with bereaved individuals at the time of a loved one’s death

If you don’t see the right topic for your audience, check out the ‘Customized Training’ tab.

Customized Grief Training and Workshops:

We believe a training isn’t worth doing unless you’re confident your audience will get something out of it. Together with our clients, we regularly develop customized training, workshops, and keynote sessions to meet their audience’s specific needs and goals. We also work with national and international groups to develop customized self-guided and interactive e-course trainings.

For more information about customized session development, please send us a message using the ‘Contact Us’ tab or email [email protected]

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