Friday Favorites: January 31, 2014

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Sorry we’ve been such late day posters this week.  We’re busy?  I don’t know, it sounded good.  Alright, here are a few grief related articles, etc etc to get you through the weekend.

The Art of Presence via

David Brook’s piece about supporting friends and family after they’ve experienced tragedy has been very warmly received.  What do you think?  Do you like his advice?  What would you add?

6 Surprising Realizations a Year After the Death of My Daughter via Huffington Post

Suzanne Leigh shares her understanding of grief a year after her daughter’s death.  This post reminds us that grief is something we live with long after our loved one is gone.

A Failed Product of Suicide Prevention via What Happens Now 

A post from activist and writer Laura Delano who published this in a longer version at Mad in America.

Online Memorial Services:  After a Death, Celebrating a Life Online via The Wall Street Journal

Pretty good information about online memorial sites

How ‘Girls’ Tackled the Messy, Selfish Grieving Process via Buzzfeed

HBO Girls was really griefy this week.  I liked it, others didn’t.  Here’s a summary.

Stupid Quotes About Grief and Some That Are Not So Stupid via Smiling Buddha Cabaret

I think the name says it all

Collect The Reasons

A place where people go to share their reason(s) for living.  Because why not?

SoulPancake presents ‘That’s What She Said – Aging and Grief’

Two Trailers for Upcoming Griefy Movies

The Fault in Our Stars

Heaven is For Real

Okay, that’s all we’ve got.  Sorry for our brevity.  We’ll make it up to you next week.

Let’s be grief friends.

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