T.G.I.Friday Favorites: February 21, 2014

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Welcome internet friends, gather round.  T.G.I.Friday Favorites. You know the drill.  Friday = grief related articles, etc etc.

Grief Healing Tele-summit

Litsa and I think free internet grief help is the cat’s pajamas, so of course were super honored to participate in Chelsea Hanson’s upcoming Grief Healing Tele-summit.  This event features recorded interviews with 11 grief-related-experts providing 11 different takes on healing.  BONUS, it’s totally free.  We definitely plan on listening to all of these with the exception of ours because OMG is my voice really that annoying???

Our session is called ‘What’s Your Grieving Style: Coping for Your Kind of Crazy’ and it pretty much outlines our (unofficial) philosophy on grieving.  We’ll be talking about whether your approach to grief and coping relies on your rational, emotional, or creative self and helping listeners to draw on their inner strengths and resources to identify the coping tools that are right for them.

Go here to register.

Bode Miller cried over his deceased brother at the Olympics and a lot of people acted like jerks

NBC correspondent Christin Cooper has come under a tremendous about of scrutiny for her interview with Bode Miller moments after he secured an Olympic Bronze medal in the men’s skiing super-G event.  An ecstatic yet emotional Miller stated something to the effect of –  this win was different because with his brother passing away he wanted to race in a way that would make his brother proud.  Cooper, catching on to the narrative Miller had constructed about the race, followed up with three questions expanding on the special meaning of the win before Miller collapsed in tears.

Since the interview Cooper has been criticized by others in the media for egging Miller on, pushing too far, and goading him; to which I say, bollocks.  Yes if you watch the interview it’s a bit dramatic, but both Miller and the reporter were caught up in the moment.  Even Miller himself has come to the defense of Cooper stating “it was crazy emotional and not at all her fault” and that “his emotions we’re very raw”.

I liked this post’s take on the situation, stating that everyone was missing the point and noting that, “Anyone who has ever lost someone they love knows it is impossible to anticipate the grief that follows. It can present itself at times when you least expect. When those emotions appear under pressure or stress, the impact can knock you off your feet.”  Can I get an ‘Amen’?

Although the interview was the trigger for the grief response, it was in no way the cause.  Miller’s response was an open and honest grief response about someone he loved very dearly.  It’s ridiculous to act as though it was an embarrassing response to a cruel and invasive interview.

However, I think this is the best defense for Cooper, explaining that it’s the journalist’s job to help the interviewee give their full story.  This is Miller’s story, he will never remember the day and NOT consider his brother to be a major part of the win.  It seems apparent he came into the day with the story’s opening chapters already written and thankfully he got the happy ending it deserved.

54 Drawers via the New York Times

This essay is the fourth part in a eight-part series by Olivia Judson.  The essay reflects on the task of going through 54 filing cabinet drawers stuffed full of Judson’s father’s papers – a lifetime of history and hard work.  This is a quick and worthwhile read for anyone who’s ever faced the impossible task of cleaning out after someone has died.

‘Always a Family’ via StoryCorps

I can’t recall if we’ve spent much time talking about StoryCorps.  I’m a huge fan of their animated shorts.  This one was a part of their project seeking to record one interview for every life lost in the September 11th attacks.

Amy Adams and James Lipton emotionally remember Philip Seymour Hoffman

Amy Adams, who worked with Hoffman on the movie ‘Doubt’, was recently interviewed by James Lipton on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’.  When Lipton brings up Adam’s second Academy Award nomination for the movie ‘Doubt’ things immediately turn emotional.  Lipton acknowledges “we’ve arrived at a difficult moment of course…” and they go on to discuss Hoffman in a moving, respectful, and adoring way.

Would You Give Your Jacket to Johannes?

I don’t undertand a single word in this video and yet it made me cry.  I guess human kindness is a universal language (sorry that was cheesy).

Kids Reenact 2014 Oscar Nominees

Okay last but not least, you know I’ve been obsessed with movies lately.  As such, the Oscars are kind of like my Superbowl.  Anyway, this is adorable…

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  1. Chelsea Hanson  February 22, 2014 at 5:35 pm Reply

    Looking forward to hearing you and Litsa on the telesummit! We actually now have 17 speakers participating! So lots of tools for wherever one may be in their journey of healing after loss. I also like that people can listen from the comfort and privacy of their own home, so they feel safe and comfortable listening in.

  2. Eleanor  February 21, 2014 at 2:14 pm Reply

    Thanks Marty!! I’m going to go fix that link now.

  3. Marty Tousley (@GriefHealing)  February 21, 2014 at 11:45 am Reply

    Looking forward to the tele-summit, Eleanor ~ We’ve let the members of our online Grief Healing Discussion Groups know about it, too.

    James Lipton’s interview with Amy Adams has left me in tears. Thanks so much for sharing that.

    Also, the link to the NYT article is not working, just so you know ?

    Thank you for yet another wonderful post.

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