Friday Favorites: March 14, 2014

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Welcome back to another installation of ‘Friday Favorites’.  I know I’ve been majorly slacking on this feature but today I have collected a hearty batch of grief articles from around the web.  Sit back and I shall present them to you with maximum succinctness and limited snark.

Alright first let me get this out of the way, Happy Pi Day to all you left brained mathletes.  Just for you, here are a few facts that prove nerds rule the world.

HBO will air documentary film ‘One Last Hug’ on April 14th

‘One Last Hug (…and a few smooches)’ is a film documenting three days at the grief camp, Camp Erin.  For those of you who don’t know, Camp Erin is a sleep over grief camp put on by the Moyer Foundation where children come together to deal with their grief under the guidance of grief professionals and amongst their fellow grieving peers.  The synopsis describes this film as depicting a journey that is “…intimate, cathartic, and testament to the healing power of friendship and support.”

Grief at the Office: How to Deal with the Worst When You Still Have to Work

Sadly, those in the workforce spend a good majority of their lives at work in an office or out in the field. Considering companies usually offer somewhere between no to very little time off for bereavement, it only stands to reason many will be back to work before the worst of their grief even sets in.  This Forbes article offers a few suggestions on how to make it through the day while dealing with one of life’s worst hardships.

Don’t Sweat that American Eliminated Bereavement Fares

Apparently you shouldn’t lose too much sleep over major airlines like American and US Airways eliminating bereavement fares because you have to sell your first born child to fly these airlines anyway.

Do’s and Don’t for Grieving Children from Grief Expert Edy Nathan

Pretty solid wisdom for those supporting a grieving child.

5 Ways to Find Quiet in a Chaotic Day

Finding opportunity for quiet and solitude is on our list of 64 Self-Care Idea for Grievers.

Grief: What if no support group wants you?

I’m sorry for anyone who’s had this experience.  We want you!!!!

Our Ceremonial Closing Video

Usually we close with a silly or inspirational video but I couldn’t find one.  So instead I’m going to share this video of my father (on the right) dressed in a tuxedo doing a tambourine act to the song Swanee circa 1982.  Why?  Why not? Don’t look a gift tambourine act in the mouth.

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