Friday Favorites: Grief Articles from the Week of January 17, 2014

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Well hello there! Are you ready for our Friday Favorites? We have quite a few grief articles to share today so I will jump right in. Please pardon my brevity, there’s just so much to do! Seriously, we have a lot of exciting stuff planned for ‘What’s Your Grief’ this year, I hope you are all ready to come along for the ride. Alright, enough of that.

Deathbed Promises: Honoring a Mother’s Dying Wish via Grief Healing

You all know we love the Grief Healing Blog, right? We’ve only mentioned this a million times. Quite often Marty (the wisdom behind the blog) receives questions from her readers and posts her responses. Here she wisely responds to a young girls question about her obligation to see through a deathbed request of her mother’s that requires enormous self sacrifice.

The Burning House: What People Would Take if the House Was on Fire via Brain Pickings

I know you have all asked yourself the question, what would I grab if my house was on fire? Unless of course you are someone who has experienced the devastation of loosing a lifetime of belongings because your house did in fact catch on fire. I seem to know a lot of people who’ve had this experience so I think it must be much more common than I’d like to believe. Anyway, Brain Pickings detailed a project by Forester Huntington where we photographed the objects he would take and then asked other people to do the same. The results are really cool and the article links to a Tumblr where people from all over have submitted their own photographs.

Your Guide to Mindfulness, the Next Hot Luxury Marketing Trend via Jezebel

We’re no trendsetters, but we talk about mindfulness quite a bit here at WYG. Still, I (Eleanor) only vaguely understand what it is. As this concept grows in popularity it will no doubt be diluted as will become increasingly difficult for those who don’t really understand it to really understand it. In this article Tracy Moore of Jezebel takes a closer look and attempts to break it down.

11 Things Raising a Terminally-Ill Child Taught Me About Parenting via iVilliage

I imagine raising a terminally ill child provides you with an outlook and perspective very few of us can understand. Here mother of Isabella Santos, who died at age 7 from Neuroblastoma, shares the lessons she learned as a result of their journey.

Write a Love Letter to Yourself – Man on the Street via SoulPancake

And here are a few more…

How To Grieve For A Life That Never Began via Buzzfeed

Loved. Please take 5 minutes to read.

There Is No Right Way to Die via Slate

Bill Keller’s op-ed piece for the New York Times has opened up a lot of good discussion about the ‘right’ or ‘most respectable’ way to die.

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

This is an online photography gallery by people living with mental illness They invite reader to create art for the site or come visit “whenever [they] may be feeling low, hopeless, or just need something positive on which to focus”

The Loop of Hell via Corporate Grief

A widow discusses dealing with reoccurring calls from a credit card company while her husband was on his death bed and their inability to comprehend that NOW ISN’T THE TIME!

I’m gonna wrap it up. You should subscribe, don’t ya know?

Let’s be grief friends.

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