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I know, it’s Saturday….no longer Friday…which means the name ‘Friday Favorites’ doesn’t really work.  But you know what didn’t work on Friday? My internet.  So Friday Favorites we’re unable to be written on Friday.  I decided to write them Saturday morning instead but then sleep happened and after that Litsa came over to meet about WYG and these meetings usually go like this….

…work, distraction, work, sidebar, tangent, pizza, work, rant, do you want to start drinking?  No better not, work, distraction, distraction, work.

Sigh, progress is slow but we do have a few things in the works like grief workshops, some tangible print resources, and very soon we will be unveiling a brand new look for our website (makeover!!).  So, please forgive us our failings these days, they’re in the name of progress.

Anyway, just in time for no one to pay attention because it’s Saturday night and the day before Easter, I present to you grief articles and other random randomness from around the web.

Your Evening Cry: Dying Woman Seeks Loving Home for Her Dog via Jezebel

Patricia Cudd has Stage 4 Breast Cancer and sadly has been told she only has a few months to live.  Before she dies she wants to make sure she’s found a loving home for her best friend, her dog ‘Sherlock’.  Sherlock has been her closest companion over the past several years, living with her in a motel room and providing her with comfort after difficult chemotherapy treatments.  Don’t worry, after this news story aired she has received “hundreds” of offers to adopt Sherlock and she is sorting through them to find the best home for her friend.

Iranian Killer’s Execution Stopped by Victim’s Parents via AOL

At the last moment convicted murderer Bilal was saved from execution after the mother of his victim, Abdollah Hosseinzadeh, forgave him.  When I say last moment I literally mean he was standing on the gallows in the middle of the town square with the noose around his neck.  After the victim’s mother gave a speech and slapped Bilal in the face, the father of the victim helped to take the noose off Bilal.  Woah, forgiveness is a powerful thing.

Somewhere Someone Loves Us: Depression Stories, Volume 1 also via Jezebel

Back in March Joshua David asked Jezebel readers to share their stories of depression – “from everyday sadness to profound depression”.  The hope was to provide suffering individuals an opportunity to tell their stories and to create something that would let people know they’re not alone, people care, and that it’s okay to seek help.  Since the first volume in March, there have been 4 subsequent installments:

Dullness and Fog: Depression Stories, Volume 2
‘I Feel Like I’ve Failed’: Depression Stories, Volume 3
We Just Want to Be Free: Depression Stories, Volume 4
Withdrawing Into the Darkness: Depression Stories, Volume 5

What Documents Should I Shred and What Should I Keep via Lifehacker

This post is for anyone who’s ever tried to (or who’s been avoiding) cleaning out their own or a deceased loved one’s filing cabinet.  Of course some typically essential documents can be discarded after someone has died, but this is good information nonetheless.

This GIF Will Make You Never Text While Driving Again via Huffington Post

Apparently it’s ‘Distracted Driving Awareness Month’.  As someone who has personally crashed their car in the split second it takes to look at a phone, I can attest to the value of this message.  Anyway, just thought those of you who have lost someone due to a vehicle related accident might want to help spread the word.

Messages From Students on South Korean Ferry via The New York Times

Don’t read this article if your feeling at all sad.  It made me cry and I wasn’t feeling even remotely weepy going in.  I feel guilty even posting it after talking last week about the need to limit our exposure to media coverage of certain tragedies.  I’m still questioning my judgement.

Good Karma $1 via Soul Pancake

Alright, that’s all I’ve got.  Good stuff is coming from WYG so don’t forget to subscribe to receive our posts straight to your e-mail inbox.  

Let’s be grief friends.

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