The Cost of Good Grief Support: We need your help

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How long have you been a reader of What’s Your Grief?

One year? A couple months? Two weeks? A day?

No matter how long it’s been, we’re grateful.

Today is What’s Your Grief’s 2nd birthday.  It makes me smile and shake my head to think how far we’ve come in those two years.  What’s Your Grief was started because we had a hunch there were people like us who wanted candid, genuine, and practical grief support and we hoped above all hopes that our content would reach that mark.  We didn’t know at the time how incredible it would feel to form a kinship with grievers and grief professionals who’ve had similar struggles and who have similar hopes for grief support and healing.

It’s because of you that we’ve lasted two years and it’s because of you that we’re still excited about the next two years. We know the challenges grievers face are complex and the tools and resources they need take many different forms.  Our mission for the next two years is to ensure there’s something for every type of griever and to inspire other grief professionals to take a good look at how they’re providing support and consider what we can all do to take a step forward; but in order to accomplish these goals we need to still be here,

Many people think What’s your Grief is our full time job, when in reality it’s more like a time consuming and expensive hobby that we’d never willingly give up in a million years.  We’d keep this going forever if we could, but because of some of our choices we know this may not be feasibly possible.

Let me clarify, these are not bad choices or choices we regret.  What’s Your Grief is exactly as it was always meant to be; a place where grievers can find help, solace, and understanding, free from worrying about cost or contending with the noise of the unrelenting outside world.  We wanted you to have the peace and quiet necessary to focus and be present with your thoughts.  We wanted you to be able to connect with us and to connect with others.  We wanted to be there for you at 6pm or 6am and every time in between.

Things that make money, like advertisers, sponsors, books, promotions, fine print, and fees just aren’t consistent with what we wanted for our readers. So we operate in the red, and by ‘in the red’ I mean we make a few dollars off our print resources which gets put directly back into running the site; everything else comes out of our pockets.

Obviously we know sometimes in order to survive you have to compromise and find a way.  Please believe me, as soon as Litsa leaves work each day we hop on the phone and almost every weekend we meet in my dining room surrounded by rowdy kids to brainstorm and plan all the ways we can find just enough time and money to get by.

We know our readers are our greatest resource, but in the past we’ve hesitated to ask anything of you.  But today, because it’s our birthday and because there is so much we want to see accomplished, we’re asking you to please consider making a gift to What’s Your Grief.   We know it’s the holiday season and funds can be tight, but even a small gift would mean an awful lot.

Instead of dedicating space to annoying ads on our sidebar, we have created a link to a page where we will recognize all those who contribute (unless they ask to give anonymously).  You can give in memory of someone you love; you can give anonymously; or you can just give from yourself because you’re awesome.

To give, via PayPal or Credit Card click on the button below.  Fill in the amount you’d like to donate in the ‘Item Price’ box.  After specifying how you would like to pay you should see a ‘Note to Seller’ box, please note either ‘anonymous‘, type your name as you would like it to appear, or type ‘In memory of…’ and your loved one’s name written exactly as you would like it to appear.  We will recognize you on the “We Get By With A Little Help From Our (Grief) Friends” page based on what you write in the ‘Note to Seller’ box.  If you have any difficulty with the process feel free to send us an email at

We are forever grateful that you have allowed us to create this little corner of the internet.  Thank you for supporting good grief support and for keeping us going.

Let’s be grief friends.

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